Day of the Procedure

Parking at Magnolia Surgery Center is located at the rear of the facility. You can enter from Magnolia Avenue and through the secured gates. You must come back to the front of the building and check in at the front desk – you will not be granted access from the rear.

When should I arrive and what documents do I need to have ready?
You will receive instructions regarding arrival time during your pre-operative phone call or from the clinic. It is important that you arrive at the designated time. We need enough time to get you ready PRIOR to the scheduled start time of the procedure. If you can, please bring with you your patient information sheet and health history form ALREADY COMPLETED to aid in speeding your admission process. You should have received these forms from the clinic. We will need to photocopy your driver’s license and insurance card, so please make sure you have those with you as well.

What should I wear?
For your comfort, we encourage you to wear clothing that can be easily removed and stored. Please avoid wearing any jewelry, piercings, dark colored nail polish and cosmetics. If you wear contacts, we advise you to leave them at home and bring your eyeglasses and case with you. If you have dentures, you may wear them to the center. We may ask you to remove them, so be prepared for that. We have cups you can use for temporary storage, or feel free to bring your own denture cup.

What should I do with my clothes and additional belongings?
A nurse will escort you into the pre-operative area where you will change your clothes. Your belongings will be safely stored in a belongings bag until you are ready to go home. We recommend that you leave all valuables and additional accessories at home.

What happens after I check-in?
Once you have changed, a nurse will conduct a brief pre-operative assessment that will include a review of all your pre-operative information, taking of your vital signs and starting an IV. The nurse will ask you some questions, possibly questions you have already answered on your various forms. We need to verify all of your information and so some questions may seem repetitive.

Can my family be with me in the pre-operative area? In order to protect the privacy of other patients, your family members will be asked to remain in the lobby waiting area. Endoscopy procedures are usually very quick, so they won’t be waiting long. Your family member will be asked to come to the bedside after your procedure for discharge instructions.

Will I see my physician prior to surgery?
The physician will see you and speak to your briefly in the procedure room, prior to starting the procedure.

Can I smoke?
We advise against smoking on the day of your procedure. Smoking may interfere with the sedation and frequently produces nausea during the recovery period.