After Your Procedure

What happens immediately after my procedure is finished?
You will be rolled into the recovery room on a gurney. The recovery room nurse will assess you and take your vital signs. You may be asked to roll to your back and the gurney moved to a sitting position in an effort to make you more comfortable. The nurse will assist you in waking up from your sedation by asking you questions and talking to you.

Will I be in pain?
Most endoscopy procedure patients feel absolutely no pain whatsoever. The biggest thing patients notice after a colonoscopy is the passing of gas. After an upper endoscopy, they may feel a bit bloated or like belching. Your nurse will encourage you to pass gas to allow that air to escape. This will help you with any mild discomfort you may have related to bloating/gas.

How long will I stay after my procedure?
Most patients are able to go home within 30 minutes after their procedure, so long as they are stable. Your family member will be asked to come to the recovery area where they will be given your discharge instructions. Because you have had sedation, you may not remember all the details of your visit, recovery, and discharge instructions. Your family member will sign a copy of your instructions and they may assist you in dressing, if you wish. Your nurse will ask them to get the car and will place you in a wheelchair. You will be taken out to the car for discharge from the center via wheelchair.

Will the doctor give me my results before I leave?
No but you will have some information on your discharge instructions about your procedure, specifically if any tissue samples were taken. If tissue samples were sent, you can get the results from your doctor at the office within 10-14 days. If your procedure was completely unremarkable or “normal”, you will be advised of that and you may require no further follow up for an extended period of time. Your physician and recovery room nurse will give you any information you need about follow up, lab specimens etc on your discharge instructions.

What happens after I go home?
Your discharge instructions will be very thorough and can help you and your family member care for you after your procedure. Remember! You need someone to stay with you the remainder of the day following your procedure. Because you had sedation, you should not be left alone. Rest the remainder of the day – your discharge instructions will inform you about returning to eating, work, etc. They will also include any information necessary for following up with the doctor (if necessary).

Should I continue my usual medications after surgery?
Most patients should continue their usual medications after surgery. Patients who have diabetes and those patients on blood thinners may require some adjustment of their medications. These instructions will be clarified with you before you leave the facility and written on your discharge instructions. If you have any questions, please call your primary care physician or procedure physician.